One of the more profitable choices that you can make for your business is to try to land a government contract. It can give you steady work for quite some time and the payments are regular. There are some things that you need to keep in mind, however, before going after any type of government work so that you can expect to be successful in landing the contract. What are some of those considerations that will help you and your business to move forward?

First of all, it is not generally enough for you to simply fill out the paperwork that is necessary and hope that you get the contract. You need to form a relationship with the individual that is looking at the paperwork and maintain that relationship. It is also very important that you are in compliance with any government regulatory agencies that may be monitoring your business. This can include ansi eia-748 and keeping track of your business with earned value management systems software. The last thing that you would want to have happen is to get the contract that you are after and then end up losing it because you are lacking in compliance. Finally, you should prepare yourself for all of the paperwork that is going to be necessary when doing any type of government work. The paperwork that you will have to do to get the contract is only the beginning, it will continue throughout the entire process. If you are able to get through the paperwork successfully, however, you will find that your business is moving forward as a result (Source: Earned Value Management by D. Gerard Consulting).

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