Run a Successful Customer Appreciation Event

Fun Idea for a Customer Appreciation Event

If you are the owner of a small or large business, you understand the importance of customers. After all, without these important contacts, you wouldn't have much of a business, right? Therefore, it's important that you take the time to make sure all of your customers feel appreciated from time to time. One of the best ways to do this is by hosting a customer appreciation event.

Customer appreciation events do more than just let your customers know how much you value them. These important events can also be used as powerful marketing tools used to help you obtain new customers or showcase new product and services to existing customers. It also gets your customers into your store or place of business for 4-5 hours. However, before your customer appreciation event will be successful, there are several things you will need to remember.

Plan Ahead - As with any important business event a customer appreciation event must be planned out properly or else it won't be successful. The last thing you want to do is throw something together in a couple of weeks. This is especially true if you want to host a customer appreciation dinner or a with casino night entertainment. Therefore, make sure you give yourself ample amount of time to plan. Many business owners allow six months or more when planning a business event such as this. You will need time to work out all the details including: what kind of event you are going to hold, where to hold the event, how many people to invite, etc.

Build Up the Anticipation - If you want your customer appreciation events to be successful, you have to get your customers excited about attending. Casino nights are a great way to add this excitement to your event. Talk about the event with customers, post flyers, mail out "Save-the-Date" postcards, do an email blast and follow up by mailing out professional invitations a week or two before the actual event. Offer ways for your customers to earn additional casino night "funny Money" such as "liking" your Facebook page, bringing a guest or spending a certain amount the month of the event.

Make It Fun and Enjoyable - More than likely, you've suffered through a boring event before. This is what you want to avoid. You need to make sure you give your guests a reason to attend by making it fun. For example, everyone enjoys free food and drinks and the excitement of Las Vegas with casino night entertainment. Your customers play for fun and can win prizes such as free products/services or gift cards to your store or business.

Why a casino night? - Casino parties for customer or client appreciation events allow you to interact with them in a fun and exciting atmosphere. It is the great answer to the age old question every sales or marketing manager has. "Okay, so how do we get our customers or clients to attend our event and have a good time?" Your customers can enjoy snacks and drinks while you present your program and our casino tables and dealers are already in place and ready to go.

During the event, customers and sales people can sit together, cheer each other on, and laugh with each other. While Las Vegas and other casinos are designed to take the player's real money, casino night events are designed to make people feel like winners! No one loses any money and the team building camaraderie is huge! The big bonus is it gets your customers into your store or place of business for hours!

Enhance your brand and visibility to your existing customer base and recruit new customers with a well thought out, well planned, well advertised customer appreciation casino night.

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  1. Informative post! Hosting customer appreciation event is quite beneficial for businesses. I also hosted this event for my regular customers. It was a dinner party that I hosted at domestic event space Chicago. There was huge gathering and it turned out to be a successful event. Planning to host that annually.