Public Relations and Rewards Program Offers - Case Study

When people think about public relations often they envision a large corporation with 10s of millions of customers, or perhaps a non-profit firm, political campaign, government agency, or utility. It is doubtful that a "truck wash" ever came to mind when thinking about public relations, but all businesses need good PR, and some sort of branding to stay in the minds of their clientele and customer. Okay so, let's talk about this as a case study for a moment, shall we?

Okay so, what can a truck wash do to increase positive PR? Well, why not create a truck driver rewards program?

Not all truck washes have rewards programs, but this is something that I recommend that all truck wash should do because it works. If an independent truck driver or a route driver knows that they can get free coffee at your wash, and they come down that same route all the time, they will more than likely stop your truck wash rather than a different one. Further, if you can justify the price as cheaper, their dispatchers will allow them to stop on the way, and approve your facility as a vendor, and perhaps even have their other driver stop there as well.

If you offer a rewards program to companies, and independent truck drivers, it works well for both. One example might be to give one free wash for every 10 washes. Another trick might be to give people free tire dressing if they put on two of your mud flaps, or if they mention on the CB while talking to fellow truckers on the road that they got a great truck cleaning from you. There are other benefits you can also give truck drivers after they've had so many washes. Perhaps free use of the shower, free coffee, free Internet access, and free tire dressing.

If you reward your best customers, those best customers will give you the best referrals. They will also become a happy army of salespeople for you if you treat them as superstars. It is amazing what you can do, and how simple it is to use these techniques to get excellent results. In your march to increase volume at your wash, while also building brand loyalists you should be*working on ways to show your customers that you value them more than anything else.

This type of Public Relations will go far into building a strong customer base, one which can outlast any recession. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it as you build your wash clientele.

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